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Asset Management Program

"Managing the compliance and calibration of a company's test and measurement equipment has never been more challenging - brand buy outs, discontinued products, end of life notification, servicing relocation to international support centres outside the immediate local region, all result in reducing the effective availability of these assets to the business"
Service Director, Celemetrix

Organisations today must focus primarily on executing critical business plans to achieve corporate growth. Subsequently, industry has embraced the 'outsourcing' solution to engage organisations with critical skills to undertake specialised or niche activities. Engaging experts to deliver complex solutions - both commercially and technically - provides maximum benefit to organisations.

Managing a fleet of a test and measurement equipment has never been more challenging - brand buy outs, discontinued products, end of life notification, product succession planning, servicing reallocation to international support centres all results in reducing the effective availability of the fleet to the business and increases the direct and indirect cost base of fleet ownership.

Financial pressures to maximise a company's ROA (Return of Assets) profile and the strategies necessary to minimise maintenance cost and increase asset availability can be both complex and challenging. Further challenges which require due consideration include 'End of Life' fleet management, balance sheet asset structure and profiling the fleet's financing strategies and managing the complexity of quality compliance (ISO:9001).

Corporate productivity is directly related to 2 key elements:
  • HR availability and efficiency
  • Equipment availability and effectiveness

Managing these two key workforce-planning elements to maximise commercial return can create unforeseen difficulties when test and measurement equipment availability impacts resource and project planning. From a technical perspective, field workforce decision-making is consistently based on the results provided by the test equipment. Reliance and trust on these results is a major factor in work force efficiency and can be directly linked to the deployment of an appropriate fleet maintenance program.

The Solution

Based on long-term experience and understanding of the previously mentioned challenges and complexity of asset management, Celemetrix has developed Australia's most comprehensive fleet management program. This program has multiple elements, which are combined to provide a customised fleet management program to meet any specific technical and commercial requirement. Celemetrix asset management service is an effective outsourcing solution designed to ensure all technical compliance and assurance elements protect the corporation's reputation, contract compliance and deliver real commercial value to the business.

Celemetrix has a highly effective skilled team who utilise state of the art NATA and ISO certified laboratories in Melbourne and Sydney to ensure the following outcomes are achieved:

Australia's fastest turnaround times
  • Experience with large equipment fleets (65, 000 assets under management within 1 contract)
  • Hot swap hardware availability for zero downtime planning
  • Flexible invoicing programs - single invoice issued monthly or quarterly
  • Predetermined schedule of rates - commercial management program
  • Sound strategic fleet management advice
  • Customised technical and commercial solutions
  • Mobile (Onsite) service delivery model

Celemetrix is a trusted partner to Australia's largest fleet owners, managing fleets ranging from a few hundred assets to tens of thousands. In addition, many global T&M brands entrust Celemetrix to perform specialised calibration and repair services under exclusive support contracts to ensure Australian customers receive service quality - 24/7.

Although our asset management offerings are customised, common service deliverables would include:
  • Calibration and repair (agreed fixed pricing can be offered for calibration and some repairs)
  • Calibration call back responsibilities
  • Disposal of assets that are not required or possible acquisition of assets that are not required by Celemetrix
  • Renting/leasing of product
  • Sales of refurbished product
  • Warehousing and logistics of your equipment
  • Training end users to understand and operate the equipment

To discuss your service, repair or calibration requirements or to book your equipment in, please call us on 0800 425 367 or submit a query via the button below.