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Industries We Service


Celemetrix has a well-established and valued relationship amongst the IT Industry Telecommunications industry. From our inception in 2003 Celemetrix was founded on its involvement and focus in this sector. While Celemetrix has now expanded its focus across a multitude of other industries, the IT and Telecommunications industry continues to remain a significant part of our business.

Boasting a team of professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, all of your specialised needs can be achieved in a timely and effective fashion. At Celemetrix we provide Australia's fastest turnaround times, quality assurance, a customised online Asset Management Program providing real-time 24/7 accessibility, in addition to a range of other customised technical and commercial solutions specifically tailored to your needs.


Accuracy, precision, attention to detail lies at the heart of the Medical Industry's way of life - and at Celemetrix our philosophy is no different.

At Celemetrix we understand that accuracy and exactitude is essential and can mean the difference between life and death. We provide a state of the art service calibration and repair program that is quality assured offering nothing but meticulous an precise output.

Celemetrix also understands the value that your assets deliver to your business. That's why we offer the very best turnaround times in the industry. We believe that timeliness is critical and is what sets us apart from other service providers.

Aerospace & Defence

Activity within the Aerospace and Defence sectors is extremely diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications. Celemetrix recognises this diversity and makes it our duty to provide a comprehensive level of quality service that rockets past our competition.

Celemetrix, an authorised Aerospace and Defence supplier, currently services an extensive range of test and measurement instruments and equipment to the Australian Defence Force.

At Celemetrix our mission is to provide all clients with exceptional service whilst offering competitive rates whatever the job may be. Among our many services offerings we offer Australia's fastest turnaround times in addition to a customised real-time online assets management program.

Many of our existing employees are cross trained in multi technology disciplines with some having come from A&D and/or military backgrounds prior to joining Celemetrix, thus ensuring we have the know-how and experience to best meet and understand your needs. With this wealth of specialised knowledge and expertise in A&D, our technicians can solve your most complex challenges.

Possessing several key exclusivity agreements with a number of key industry OEMs, all work carried out by our trained and certified technicians is fully compliant with high level OEM specifications.

At Celemetrix we offer you:
  • Quality & Precision
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Confidence & Reliability
  • Expertise & Technical know-how
  • Success

A good find can often be hard to come by. This is most pertinent within the Mining/Resource industry where it can often take years to find good fortune. At Celemetrix we make finding solutions to your needs simple.

We provide state of the art asset management programs that are not only quality assured but also deliver Australia's fastest turnaround times. If distance is an issue we will come to you, thus avoiding any unnecessary down time. We offer a customised online portal access, enabling you to view real-time status updates, historical and current performance information, 24/7.

Our highly-skilled team are all extremely capable and experienced in providing customised solutions to meet your specific needs. With many of our technicians having previously worked in the Mining/Resorce industry, thier knowledge and know-how is exemplary.

To ensure you make the most of finding your fortune, Celemetrix also offer a range of complementary services including training, rental and recruitment to best satisfy your needs.

Emergency Services

At Celemetrix we understand that time is of the essence - particularly within the Emergency Service industry where everything is time critical. That's why we offer Australia's fastest turnaround times in the industry. Our commitment to delivering quality assured services with such limited lead times means that you do not have to forego the value that your assets deliver to your business.

However while our time efficiencies are important, our focus still remains heavily on achieving effective outcomes. Accuracy, precision and attention to detail are what we do best. Our technicians are cross trained in multiple technology disciplines enabling them to service your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.


The Utilities sector encompasses a wide range of trades, all of which are skilfully covered by the highly competent and experienced Celemetrix team. Our technicians are all certified and trained across multiple technology disciplines, making them experts in your field.

We understand the importance and value that our assets represent. Consequently we offer an asset management program that is second to none. Boasting of a range of operational and maintenance services tailored to your business needs, Celemetrix also offers Australia’s fastest turnaround times for Calibration and Repairs, a tailored online portal that delivers real-time status updates, current and historical information 24/7, mobile on-site servicing and hardware availability for zero downtime planning.

Providing a comprehensive range of services including Training programs, long or short term Rental plans, Recruitment and Consultancy, Celemetrix provide superior solutions to your business needs.


In such a fast paced world it can be a challenge for businesses to remain competitive and stand out from the masses. Celemetrix understands this and as a result offers a range of services that enable todays businesses to become fully equipped in the most efficient and effective way.

All of our expert technicians are highly skilled, fully certified and cross trained across multiple technology disciplines. Our customer-centric focus means we provide you with the very best service that you deserve.

Offering a comprehensive program that includes the fastest asset repair and calibration services in the country, a tailored on-line portal that allows you to access your records 24/7, a mobile calibration program that can service your assets on-site, a rental offer to ensure zero downtime planning or the opportunity to trial a product before you buy.


Manufacturing depends on the process of converting raw material components, or parts into finished goods that meet a customer’s expectations or specifications. At Celemetrix we are no different in terms of meeting customer needs and expectations. However as part of the Celemetrix service experience we ensure that every single customer remains at the very centre of our business, not only meeting their expectations but exceeding them.

Our calibration and repair services offer the fastest turnaround times in the country without compromising on the quality of the job. Celemetrix also offer a comprehensive asset management program that enables customers to access the real-time status of their job any time via our customised portal, CeleTrak. Celemetrix has offices based in Melbourne and Sydney, however if logistics are an issue, you can take advantage of our Mobile Calibration program that can travel to you. Similarly if you are worried about experiencing any short-term downtime during this servicing period, you can utilise our hardware rental program to ensure zero downtime.

At Celemetrix we also have all your training, recruitment and professional services needs covered. Our employees are all highly qualified and specialised to deliver the very best service in the industry, making the decision to partner with Celemetrix an easy one.

At Celemetrix we take care of the difficult things, enabling you to focus on the things that matter most.

Precision and excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

Turn Around Time Commitment
  • Calibration: Up to 5 days*
  • Repair: Up to 10 days*
  • Calibration & Repair: Up to 15 days*
  • FastTrack: 24 hours**

*Turnaround time clock starts on receipt of goods
**Conditions apply

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